Audi Sound System (9VD) retrofit


This retrofit has been succesfully implemented and tested on mine A4 B9, and it’s still active.


Needed parts:

  • R211 8W5035412 Subwoofer

    • 191972704 connector
  • R208 8W0035454 Central speaker  

    • 4B0971832 connector
  • 8W5 863 411 Rear shelf panel (check modification code)

    • Distance piece 8W5863954
  • 8W5035405B + 8W5035406B Shelf panel covers

  • 000979021E Quadlock crimp terminals x4

  • VCDS Diagnostic Interface

  • VCP Diagnostic Interface


  • Hardware listed above

300 €

Subwoofer R211 8W5035412

Central speaker R208 8W0035454

QUADLOCK subwoofer wiring

QUADLOCK central speaker wiring

VCP parametrization

VCP Dataset: A4_B9_mib2_8w0035039x.zdc

  • Audio_Sound_Announce_A4_LIMO_AUDI_SOUND_SYSTEM_XX
  • Audio_Sound_Configuration_AUDI_SOUND_SYSTEM


(Warning this will change the car picture to Q7 in the MMI, but Subwoofer control will be available)

  • Go to module 5F Multimedia
  • Go to Long coding
  • Change the following:
    • byte_1_Car_Class: 7
    • byte_1_Car_Generation: 3
    • byte_2_Car_Derivate: 6
    • byte_2_Car_derivate_Supplement: 0
  • Do a MMI reset (hold down NAV + RADIO + center ****)
  • Enjoy your subwoofer control with improved sound quality!
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